Places to Visit and Things to Do in Shimla

Formerly a British colonial summer capital, Shimla still emanate the charisma of Colonial era. It’s enchantment in regal old building, enticing iron lamps, Anglo-Saxon forenames and hand painted cipher in the marketplace. Shimla is considered as the most respected hill station and feast retreat, this is someplace Indians from entire nation recoil to. In the main city cars are not allowed and thanks to Himachal Cooperation, strolling here is beguiling and easy. Secluded by verdant hills with hoary peaks, this Himachal’s capital reveals nature’s much grandeur.

Still exhibiting the colonial plea, the Indian Institute of Advance Studies was formerly a summer residence for India’s Viceroys was known as Vice Regal Lodge. Guided tours are performed on a habitual basis near the Shimla’s mall road. You get to disentangle the structural design, niceties about the history and furniture. Beside with the attractive buildings, there are also well sustained lawns and small eatery. Other noteworthy places to visits in Shimla include Tara Devi Temple, The Mall, Annandale and Kalka – Shimla Toy Train and much more.

Best Time to Visit Shimla

Shimla is perennial hill station. Although, travelers must avoid monsoon season, which starts from July and ends in September because of heavy rain and the risk of landslides makes this place unsafe.

Summer season that starts from March and continue till June makes Shimla’s weather pleasurable and ideal for camping, trekking and rafting. The temperature fluctuates between 14 degree and 31 degree.

Winter season that starts from October and continue till February are admired for snowfall and other snow games and adventures. The temperature fluctuates between -2 degree and 8 degree and travelers are advice to take thick woolen clothes.

The best time to visit Shimla is from December to February, particularly for those travelers who desire to take pleasure in the snow. During this period you can enjoy ice skating, skiing and many other snow games.

How to reach Shimla

By Air – Jubbarhatti is the nearest airport, which is situated approx 23 kilometers away from the main town. Chandigarh and Delhi are other nearby airports.

By Train – Shimla is well connected with Kalka with the narrow gauge railways. It is a wonderful experience and pretty admired by kids. Kalka is profusely linked to all chief cities of India. This toy train also comes under world heritage.

By Road – Shimla is approx 118 kilometers from Chandigarh and 350 kilometers from New Delhi. The roads are well maintained, the buses (State run & private) and Volvo buses are also available from New Delhi and Chandigarh.

Places to visit in Shimla

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1. Summer Hills!

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Summer Hill is one of the best places to visit in Shimla. It has striking picturesque township that is situated around 5 km from the ridge road of Shimla. Summer Hill is surrounded by rich lush green forests,which provides breathtaking views straight from the hilltop. This place is a part of seven hills that comprises Shimla and makes this place an overwhelmed part of Himachal by its enchanted beauty.

2. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies!

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This is the most historic place that offers inspirational and educational knowledge to tourists. This institute was built by the British. Then President Dr. Radhakrishnan promoted the advanced studies of arts and humanities in India. This building is a classic example of architectural design that is proficient in fire proofing arrangement. A walk through this building is considered as contemporary Indian history walk.

3. Annandale- A must visit place in Shimla!

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Annandale is considered as the hot tourist spot and must be in your list of places to visit in Shimla. This place houses several adventure sports since British rule that includes racing. Though, now, this spot is perfect for golf lovers as the racing area is converted into a mini golf course that serves as helipad as well as provides incredibly amazing sceneries of its paddocks.

4. Jakhu Hill- A key tourist attraction!

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Jakhu Hill is known as the highest peak, which is believed to be at the height of around 8000 ft in Shimla is a key tourist attraction. This temple has a lot to offer for nature lovers as well as pilgrims who visit this historic 108 ft tall Hanuman sculptor at Jakhu temple. It’s almost a short trek for people who love adventure.

5. The Scandal Point at Ridge Road in Shimla!

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This place is popularly known as Scandal Point that offers valley viewing and viewing points at its flat large platform is considered as one of the most famous places to visit in Shimla. It’s a treat among mountain lovers who want to see mesmerizing valley views, snow capped hills surrounding Shimla. The platform provides marvelous specter of sunrise and sunsets along with that it also has very popular Tudor Library.

6. Shimla State Museum!

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A trip to this Museum is an inspirational, historic and educational. This museum is called as Himachal State Museum as well and has library located at Mount Pleasant. Brilliant British historical architecture and sprawling lawns make this place completely worthwhile. Shimla State Museum beautifully displays the tremendous past of Shimla and its rich heritage and culture. This museum has incredible collection of paintings, handicrafts, sculptures and artifacts that have been preserved since ages.

7. Chadwick falls

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Chadwick falls is one of the main trekker attractions of Shimla. Water falls from the height of 1587 meters making it an ideal place for photographers. With opaque forest, pine trees and lush deodar trees makes this place more enchanted, the outlook is fully enthralling. In monsoon water level of falls get increased that makes Chadwick falls even more stunning with its dazzling water. This fall is like a treat to traveler’s eyes with its breathtaking beauty. Try to avoid going after sunset.

Places nearby Shimla

8. Chail

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Chail is 56 kilometers from Shimla. This place is highly suggested for photographers and peace seekers. Chail is also famous for the uppermost cricket pitch on the earth and is delineated by almighty deodar and pine trees contributing a calm atmosphere and serene. This place is also well known for Chail Palace, which is one of the brilliant examples of architect. At night travelers also love to capture and mesmerize lights of Shimla city as Chail is on higher altitude as compare to Shimla.

9. Kufri

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Kufri is 17 kilometers away from Shimla. This place is heaven for adventure lovers and photographers. Kufri is prevalently recognized as “the winter sports capital”, is situated at the height of 2623 meters above the sea level. At the foothills of the grand Himalayas, this place was under Nepal’s Kingdom. Here you can also enjoy winter sports like ice skating and skiing. Kufri breathtaking location and scenery makes this place on the wish list of travelers.

10. Shaily Peak Hills in Naldehra

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Shaily Peaks are approx 24 kilometers from Shimla. This is an ideal place for photography, adventure, enjoying atmosphere and lush green valley. Naldehra is one of the most excellent places to enjoy your weekend getaway near Shimla. This place tenders the most pleasing sunrise and twilight sights. With naturally rich flora and fauna and opaque deodar trees, Naldehra has incredible forest swathe to be enjoyed on a pony ride. This place will surely leave you spellbound with its stunning view, fresh air and calmness.

10 Things to do in Shimla!

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Shimla, requires no introduction as it’s the most sought after hilly region of Himachal. Its snow clad hills, lush greenery and pleasant climate have pulled huge number of tourists every year. With a plethora of various things to do and places to explore in Shimla, this place has ample of things to offer that you cannot ignore. There are many things to do in Shimla. Here is a quick scan about essential things you can plan in this mesmerizing hill station.

11. Traveling in Toy Train!

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When you are in Shimla then you must try toy train that pass through the lush green hills. Enjoy your Kalka to Shimla toy train ride, which is indeed one of the most important things to do in Shimla. This is the oldest railway line that passes through the mountains paints beautiful image of this place. You can see train’s other end from the window as it moves like snake on curvy tracks. Oh my! You will be lucky enough if it begins to drizzle! This route is popular for tunnel number 33 that is also considered as most haunted place in India.

12. Go on a shopping spree at Lakkar Bazar!

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When the sunset is about to happen then you can go on a shopping spree at Lakkar Bazar that gives you a completely different sight. The shops are long stretched that provides one of the finest artifacts and woodwork. Apart from these artifacts you can puchase winter wears as well at the most reasonable price. It’s an amazing place to shop striking gifts such as Nehru jackets, local hand woven shawls and much more for your near and dear ones.

13. Enjoy ice skating at the Asia’s open air ice skating rink!

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Wow! This is the time when you can show-off your skills in the open arena of ice skating rink. This is indeed one of the most amazing things to do in Shimla at the time of winter season. The rink pulls thousands of individuals around the country each year to experience the outstanding ice skating sport. The ice is collected by using a special technique, which the British have taught to Garhwali highlanders. Thick forests at hillside keep this rink shaded and low temperature helps it from dissolving in winters. This activity happens at around 8am to 11am and 5pm to 8pm from December till March. It costs around 100 to 200 rupees.

14. Rafting- one of the most interesting adventure at Tattapani!

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You can go for rafting as it is considered as the most adventurous things to do in Shimla at Tattapani. It is located 50km from Shimla, which is considered as a heaven on earth for adventure lovers. It is located on the banks of the Satluj River, this region is famous for its lush green forests and hot water springs. Rafting here is one of the most popular and amazing experiences done by tourists, which attracts more tourists around the world. This is considered as the perfect weekend gateways of Shimla that will rejuvenate your body and soul for sure! It cost around 1500 INR per person.

15. Witness sunrise and magnificence of first rays of sun hitting the crystal water at Chadwick waterfall!

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Amidst the lush green forests lies the peaceful Chadwick waterfall that is located 7km from Shimla and this waterfall is one of the most beautiful place to begin your day with. You will get a combination of serene environment and aesthetic beauty makes it an ideal place for catching up some tranquility. You can witness sunrise and the magnificent rays of sun falling down on the water at Chadwick waterfall. Trekking to this waterfall is extremely enthralling and peaceful experience for nature lovers.  

16. Trekking to Jakhu Temple at Shimla!

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At an altitude of 2,455m above the sea level, this Jakhu Temple is known to be the highest peak situated in Shimla. Adventure lovers usually trek to the Jakhu hill and experience the solitude once they reach there. Though, it’s quite a tiring process during sunny days but windy, rainy and cloudy days can turn your trekking experience into the most enjoyable things to do in Shimla. Do not miss the popular Rothney Castle’s colonial structure.

17. Nature’s walk through pine forest!

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There are many enthralling things to do in Shimla such as short hikes, nature walks around pine forests and experience the splendor of sunsets and sunrise. Some of the elegant trails lead tourists to the summer hill, prospect hill, glen, kamna devi temple and many more. Owing to its beauty, the romantic ambience, the nature walk is among one of the best things to do in Shimla.

18. Learn and explore your photography skills!

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Indian Institute of Advanced Studies was built by British. This building was manufactured as a summer escapade for the Indian President. However, it was passed to the country by then President of India Dr. S Radhakrishnan. It is an institute that promotes advanced studies in humanities and arts. The huge architectural beauty as well as soothing surroundings makes this place one of the most visit weekend gateways among tourists in the country. This colonial building looks like a wonder for camera lovers. You should not miss a tour to Viceregal Lodge, which was the residence of British Viceroy in India that houses unique photographs and articles dating back to British era and rule in India. Visit this place around 8am to 6pm.

19. Explore the Military Museum!

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If you have a love excitement to gain knowledge about arms and ammunition, then you should visit this military Museum at the Annandale. This place exhibits uniforms, documents of 1971 war of India with Pakistan, and guns. Do not miss the mini golf course as well as helipad near this museum. It makes the most visited weekend gateways of Shimla that opens from 10am to 5pm.

20. Catch beautiful sunset at Scandal Point!

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When you visit Shimla then you must go to Scandal Point to see the Sunset as it’s a major tourist attraction in Shimla. It provides mesmerizing views of snow capped hills and lush green valley. This is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers who explore their photography skills as this point provides splendid specter of the sunset. You should definitely not miss the most popular Tudor Library situated on the Ridge Road close to the Scandal Point. So, pack your bags to explore the outstanding things to do in Shimla.

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